Monday, September 1, 2014

Re-Education Programs

Someone has to get the ball rolling. It may as well be the Brits and then why not America also. Programming, de-programming and re-programming have mostly been volunteer. In our TV dens, churches etc., schools not so much, but now it looks like we may be in for a whole new era of not so volunteer re-education. 
British jihadists returning from Iraq and Syria will be forced to attend “deradicalisation” programmes to reverse their warped brainwashing, David Cameron announced.

Deradicalisation of the previous 'radicalism' sanctioned and funded by the UK government and others to begin with. In combination with Cameron's proclamation we get the lovely Sally "we will behead you" Jones, a 45 year old ex-rocker witch who became a Muslim and with her 20 year old Islamic terrorist hacker husband now plays for ISIS. They need some re-programming. The 'intelligence' services and media must think the general population is too stupid and/or distracted to not see through this. They may be right?

Setting a precedent that gets few complaints at first is always a goal. After that the possibilities in forced re-education are endless. There are probably some wild eyed psychiatrists and mind control specialists and sadists eager to take on the job. Subjects are needed for the mind/memory erasure techniques we hear so much about. "Eternal sunshine." Of course this has been done before in a little less technological time. Just ask Solzhenitsyn.

Now I'm not suggesting our governments would go any further than just targeting the brainwashed jihadist terrorists for re-education.  No, beyond that would be crazy and a conspiracy theory. Even thinking something like that may necessitate that you need new education and re-adjustment of previous mental meanderings in the name of order. For the good of everyone.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

No Strategy, No Problem

jihad fashionistas outfitted by your tax dollars
When Obama announced “we don’t have a strategy yet” for the Islamic Nation (formerly known as the band ISIS) in Iraq and Syria, he was playing his role. It allowed his 'opponents' in the left/right divide to get some rhetoric in giving appearances of a debate but among the congressional, administration and pentagon war whores, they are all on the same side. 

Yeah, just how do we stop our own US and allies creation from doing what they were hired to do? Killing too many of them could be bad for future recruitment and there will always be a need for future mercenary thug recruits in the the next country needing to be broken up.

There is a strategy and this comment from antiwar may be close.....
Whether or not Obama knows it {ed. note, he knows it} he is following a strategy: the Oded Yinon plan. It calls for destabilization of the Middle East, breaking nations into smaller pieces that can be easily dominated by Israel. If the USG doesn't have a strategy yet, it's because Tel Aviv hasn't given it to them.

There's also, Why Does ISIS Fit In So Perfectly With The PNAC Plan? with plenty of questions that all journalists should be asking bur aren't. 

We've heard it all before... The Time Is Ripe For A False-Flag Attack On American Soil. One day these predictions could come true if the desperation for mayhem and total control outweighs all else in the minds of a few psychopaths. Can they fool the American people once again just because they have the major media squawking for them? Maybe not without shutting down the real alternative internet media and setting off big red flags and I think they know it.

So just how is this all going to play out? I'm not at all sure but Oded Yinon and PNAC gave us the basic game plan. It's a work in progress but this is not just about the Middle East. Most everyone in the west will also be affected in one way or another. Henry Kissinger lately suggested that his vision of 'a new world order' is in crisis. Translating that is the bastard criminal wants to see some kind of fruition to his life long dream and grunt work for an order by the few and slavery for the many after a culling of the herd. I'm looking forward to the national holiday and the cheers upon his demise but at the same time it may mean he never faced the justice he so rightly deserves... and that would be a shame.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

When It's Not a "Snowden" Whistleblower

From day one Edward Snowden had the press on-board. They dutifully reported some of the excesses of the surveillance society as was allowed. Most of which was already known or suspected. Millions of words have been spoken and written about the NSA and others sucking up all our data and saving it for a rainy day.

Of course most in America are not willing to give up their 'smart' phones and assorted toys and we ourselves are not giving up our computers, despite the spying. So nothing has changed and in spite of any debate, there has been no change in policy. If the truth be known the process of grabbing and storing all electronic data is becoming more sophisticated with each passing day. 

So Snowden has had no short term effect on protecting our privacy, much less a long term one. We've accepted our plight and in the eyes of those implementing the agenda, we have reluctantly embraced another part of our slavery. That was part of the plan. Sometimes plans work for awhile.

But what about whistleblowers who get no MSM time? Where there may be something to what they blow.

Is Dr. William (“Oh my God.  I cannot believe we did what we did, but we did.") Thompson telling us something long suspected, long debated, that vaccines can cause autism and who knows what else and that the CDC and big pharma know it and covered it up? For the profit of their friends and benefactors and themselves. For the slow burn of depopulation, genocide and compromising a population's health. 

Silence is golden. 

The idea that millions of children may have been affected in a scam that has many aspects cannot be debated in the corporate media or else too many questions may be asked. "That's my child they played with." What else have they lied about? "Take a flu shot?" I don't think so.

The most noticeable alternative voices in exposing this latest treason against humanity, Jon Rappoport and Mike Adams are tied in with Alex Jones. How about Jim Stone and his warnings? Many people will not even consider anything they don't see on TV even if it may be true.

NBC News tonight had a story that in their paid propaganda world is what amounts to addressing the issue and trying to diffuse the promoting fear of those awake people who are not allowing themselves or their children to get the poison jabs. They are a threat to the entire country. They may as well say that being anti-vaccination is terrorist.

Snowden's manufactured whistleblowing gets a pass and a kiss. Dr. William Thompson's statements get dismissed. That's our world of deceit. We have to change that. It's not easy. In the meantime, perhaps never getting a vaccination will send a message that these lies don't work anymore.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Just tell me you'll be there when the deal goes down

As we roll through life there are those times when the unconditional support of family, friends and allies are truly important, especially "when the deal goes down."

You don't have to lie for me
Cry for me or die for me
You don't have to fall down on the ground
You don't have to give me breath
Give me life or give me death
Just tell me you'll be there when the deal goes down  
You don't have to reach for me
Pray to me or preach to me
You don't have to make a single sound
You don't have to raise the dead
Give wine or give me bread
Just tell me you'll be there when the deal goes down  

You don't have to be the light
In the day or in the night
You don't have to wear no heavenly crown
You don't have to save my soul
Walk on the water, walk on hot coals
Just tell me you'll be there when the deal goes down

When the deal goes down
When the deal goes down
Tell me you'll be there when the deal goes down
                                           David Olney

"When the deal goes down" could be seen as SHTF. Let's not get too carried away but we do need to be aware and ready the best we can without wallowing in fear.

What To Expect During The Next Stage Of Collapse
 Though it is depressingly difficult to see in times like these, there is indeed good in this world.  There are ideals, and aspirations, and visions, and loves worth standing up for, worth fighting for, and worth dying for.  There is still a future worth striving for at the end of the long night.  There are dreams here, in the hearts of men, worth realizing.  We do not necessarily battle for what humanity is, but for what we have the potential to become.  The tides of society may shift and storm, the chaos may become unbearable, and the world may tear apart until it is unrecognizable.   The agents of dominion believe they are the only constant, but there is another.  In time, the dim pale of tyranny will always break in the light of freedom’s resolute.  Get ready, honorable Liberty Movement, our work has just begun.

The Mind Unleashed

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Busted: Jihad John McCain Met With “ISIS” Head Caliph Ibrahim Back in 2013

Transcending the Parasitic Fear Agenda 
We need to see through the media storm and all the accompanying garbage they’re emanating, and avoid getting contaminated by it. It’s spiritual fly paper and one thing can easily lead to another if we get on the wrong track or vibration, taking in useless, toxic information or seemingly innocuous so-called entertainment. They’ve loaded it all up with hitchhiking energies so we need to be extra vigilant.
Stay free and keep the peace that comes from consciously aware knowing. A secure confidence in the rightness of all things essential. That’s where our hearts need to be centered.

Especially in these troublesome times.

For ourselves, our loved ones, and all of humanity.